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  • Corporate Tax T2
    Starting at 850$

    Tax legislation can be complex. Our team of professionals will closely work with you to make sure you meet your tax obligations by optimizing your tax return.

    We will help ensure that your business tax is managed in the most effective way.

  • Accounting and tax assistance for self-employed workers and start-up companies

    You have realized the most difficult thing: starting a business. To ensure that you are well equipped, offer yourself the knowledge and experience of our experts. This tailor-made training will allow you to avoid costly errors of omission with the authorities. 

    This service includes: 

    • 3 hours of theoretical and practical training
    • An Excel tool to help with bookkeeping
    • A digital book of important information.
    • Tips and tricks.
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  • Bookkeeping Services
    Please contact us for a quote.

    It all starts with drawing up a chart of accounts adapted to your activities.

    Our services include ;

    • Order entry, including daily transactions such as purchases, inventory, sales, payroll, etc.
    • Invoice payments,
    • Customer invoicing,
    • Month end reconcilliation
    • Balance Sheets
    • Income Statements
    • GST/QST filings
    • Corporate year end
  • Books and records analysis
    $95 / hour

    The analysis of your accounting records by our experts allows us to detect errors in the accounting of transactions that can have a significant impact on your profitability. With our financial analysis tool, let us analyze your financial statements. Do you have the right accounting chart? Your numbers speak for themselves, let our experts send you the message.  

    Important :

    • Keep your accounting up to date
    • Have the most recent financial statements available 
    • Have some supporting documents at hand
    • Access to bookkeeping software
    • Rental income / AirBnB
    • Uber’s income
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  • Consulting services
    $175 / hour

    Recent data show that 65% of new businesses close after just under five years.  Only 43% of those who survive still exist after ten years. One of the main causes of these failures is financial mismanagement. 

    You are wondering about this type of problem: which legal form of company to choose? Pay yourself a salary or dividends? Is this the right selling price for your product or service? Do you want to do your accounting or outsource it? Is your company performing well?

    With more than 3,000 hours of training in accounting, taxation, finance, audit and strategy and governance, let our accountants guide you towards better management of your activities.

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They trust us

We also offer Tax Filing Service

Since 2015, our experts have been using their knowledge and experience to obtain the maximum reimbursement for you.

  • Student tax return
  • Special tax return
  • Employee with employment expenses
  • Self-employed / UBER
  • Rental income / AirBnB
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